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 皆様方には、平素より本校の教育に対しましてご支援とご協力を賜り、厚く御礼申し上げます。2025年に学校法人 盈進学園は創立100周年・東野高等学校は創立40周年を迎えます。
 1985年埼玉県入間市の高台に誕生した「東野高等学校」は、パターンランゲージで知られた米国人建築家 Christopher Alexander氏によるデザインをもとに建設されました。大講堂に代表されるポスト・モダン風の20棟以上の教室・施設は他に例を見ません。そのユニークな建築様式とともに、64,786.89m²(約2万坪)に及ぶ自然を生かした広大な校地と教育環境はそこに集う人々を40年近くも魅了してきていますが、この40年という月日は施設の老朽化・新しい時代への対応という問題を抱えさせることにもなりました。東野高等学校が今後、50周年・100周年へ向けて本校独自の教育を継続していくためには、唯一無二のこの教育環境を維持継続し、さらには新しい時代の流れにも対応したものに進化させていく必要があります。つきましては、本校の将来に向けた施設整備についてご理解いただき、皆様方からのご支援、ご協力を賜りたく、心よりお願い申し上げます。

Dear Higashino High School Parents and Alumni, honored guests, as well as representatives from fields far and wide across the world,

We would like to express our profound gratitude to all of you for your continued support of our education. Your selfless support is more than appreciated and is helping us get closer and closer to achieving our goals. In 2025, the education corporation Eishingakuen will celebrate its 100 year anniversary while Higashino High School will celebrate its 40 year anniversary.

Higashino High School, which was first constructed in 1985 on a hill in Iruma city, Saitama prefecture, was built based on a design by Christopher Alexander, a British-American architect known as the father of pattern language which was used to create the website Wikipedia. The more than 20 post-modern-style classrooms and additional facilities, which includes a large lecture hall, are unique in all of Japan.

Along with this unique architectural style, the vast 64,786.89 m2 (approximately 20,000 tsubo) school grounds make use of nature to captivate the people who have gathered there since its founding. However, this has led to the problem of aging facilities along with adapting to new technology and educational standards.

In order for Higashino High School to continue its commitment to the education of our students until it becomes 50 years old, 100 years old, and beyond, we must both continue to maintain our unique education environment while also responding to the technology and trends of a constantly changing world. We constantly need to evolve both Higashino High School into a school that is both capable and able to meet the needs of this ever-changing world. Eishingakuen will also be growing and evolving to make sure it can react quickly and efficiently to meet the challenges a changing educational environment can bring. Therefore, we would like to thank you for your continued understanding, support, and cooperation as we prepare our school’s educational grounds and facilities for the future. We would also like to ask you for any additional support you could give us in the near future.